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At Luxury Hub, we give our house share tenants the opportunity to earn extra income as a lead tenant.

You can earn between £30.00 and £150.00 a month as a lead tenant in a house share. Payment is in the form of a rental rebate, and is in return for completing minor tasks in the house share.

A lead tenant is a tenant who lives in a Luxury Hub house share, who acts as the point of contact between the house and our team. The lead tenant is also responsible for minor tasks for a few hours each week to suit your convenience.

Lead tenants can earn money for:


Lead tenants can earn money for:

  1. Being the point of communication
  2. Being in charge of the cleaning rota
  3. Ensuring that the bins are put in and out
  4. Make sure the mail is sorted
  1. Maintenance reporting
  2. New Tenant Viewing Success Fees (Optional)
  3. Tenant Referral Fees (Optional)
  4. Cleaning (Optional)

Renting with Us…

Higher quality tenants

Make New friends

We continuously have people moving into Luxury Hub house share properties. It is a great way to make new friends and meet like-minded people in your area.

Less chance of void periods

Minimum Effort

You can earn extra money immediately for very little time invested, at hours to suit you. As lead tenant, only a few tasks are to be done once a week at your convenience.

No more stress for you

Discounted Rent

The money you earn through being a lead tenant can be used to offset your rent, saving on your living expenses.

Marketing your room

Regular Income

Pounds in your pocket every month, the money can be paid on the same date each month to help cover your bills.

Marketing your room


Luxury Hub will provide references to the lead tenant for a job well done. This can be a great opportunity to add experience on your CV showing management responsibility for little effort.

Our Rental Process

Becoming a lead tenant in a Luxury Hub house share is easy.

Step 1


Complete Enquiry Form

Complete the lead tenant enquiry form on this page, and tick the box to register your interest.

Book your viewings

Step 2



We will send a short application form to your email address, complete this and return it to our team.

Step 3


Sign Agreement

Sign the short lead tenant agreement which highlights your minor tasks and duties.

Sign Your Personalised Management Agreement
Pounds in your pocket

Step 4


Start Earning Money

As lead tenant, you can choose to offset your rent or receive the money as income. We make payments to your bank account on the 15th of every month.

Our Latest Offers

Higher quality tenants

Lead Tenant

Earn up to £250 monthly income if you are willing to be a lead tenant when living in your rental property for luxury hub more information on lead tenant

Less chance of void periods

Be First

We have brand new, refurbished properties coming in all the time so join our waiting list and be the first to find out about luxurious properties, fresh on the market before anyone else

No more stress for you

Tenancy Discounts

We are currently offering a £100 discount off your rental contract if you are willing to enter into a rental agreement within the next two weeks. View your preferred property and quote reference C2AWEB100

Marketing your room

Refer and Earn

Refer-a-friend as a tenant and we will reward you with a £20 Amazon gift voucher when they sign up

I have only ever had good experiences with Luxury Hub. The team is friendly and helpful, they treat us with respect and I've always felt like they value us as tenants. Thanks for being the kind of agent I am happy to write a testimonial for

Paul Robinson, Happy Tenant

We have been extremely impressed with the service offered by Luxury Hub; they're very prompt and professional when dealing with us. I really wanted to emphasise how great you guys are without going OTT.

Wesley Cook, Happy Tenant

I have been a tenant with Luxury Hub for 2 years; they have always been quick, efficient and pleased to affect any necessary repairs or help whenever needed. An extremely professional and understanding team, they are friendly and easy to communicate with.

Danny Smith , Happy Tenant

Luxury Hub

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need lead tenants?

In a house share property, we always try to create a community within, and we look for a responsible tenant to support the community and help keep everyone happy. The lead tenant manages any issues in the house and is the responsible point of contact for all communication and a few minor tasks. At Luxury Hub, we want everyone to enjoy our rooms for rent, and having a lead tenants helps the whole process run smoothly.

How can I earn up to £100.00 a month?

At Luxury Hub, we offer our tenants the opportunity to earn money from several tasks, including:

  1. Carrying out Lead Tenant tasks
  2. New Tenant viewing success fees
  3. Tenant referral fees for referring new tenants for rooms to rent
  4. Cleaning


Can you tell me the details involved in each of these tasks?

In order to be eligible to earn £100 a month from Luxury Hub for these tasks, you will need to ensure they are completed properly. Please see an overview of each below.

Carrying out Lead Tenant tasks:

  1. Being the point of communication with Luxury Hub and other tenants in the house share.
  2. Being in charge of the cleaning rota and agreeing together with tenants the cleaning schedules.
  3. Monitor the cleaning rota and ensure all tenants are completing tasks to a good standard.
  4. Ensuring that the bins are put in and out as required.
  5. Making sure the junk mail is removed and any landlord mail is put aside.
  6. Being the point of communication for any maintenance issues in the house share and to pass the information to Luxury Hub to fix using the Phone App for reporting.

New tenant viewing success fees

All Luxury Hub tenants have the opportunity to earn extra money for every new tenant that moves in. You can earn these fees by conducting any viewings with new tenants by facetime, video call or in-person on Luxury Hub’s behalf. This includes showing them the rooms to rent and communal areas. If the tenant then moves in, you will receive the new tenant viewing success fee.

Tenant referral fees

If you refer any potential new tenants for rooms to rent, and they then move into any Luxury Hub property you can earn money for the “referral” when they move in. This is the case for all Luxury Hub rooms to rent and not just your house share. You must refer using the link on this page and message us their name and number, as well as providing your own information


Luxury Hub tenants can earn extra money by cleaning communal areas, outside areas, and bathrooms in a house share. This is an optional extra for all tenants.

How and when will I get paid?

Luxury Hub will pay these fees into your bank account on the 15th of every month. Please note, this will be being checked by a member of the Luxury Hub team, providing the jobs have been completed successfully, the arrangement will continue.