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Buy Investment Property Off Market

Are you ready to get an edge in the search for you perfect investment property. Do you not have the time, experience, or knowledge to find the perfect investment property? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our off market propert buying service from Luxury Hub. 

Luxury Hub have the best opportunities for investors and landlords. We offer investment properties at exceptional yields. Up to 10% for completed rented income producing property and up to 15% for refurbishment and build property projects.

Simply get in touch with our expert team confirming your investment criteria.

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The Benefits of Using Us to Buy Your Property Investment

Higher quality tenants

Off-market opportunities

Unique opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else.

Less chance of void periods

Relevant property

We will only send you property opportunities that match your investment returns & requirements.

No more stress for you

Considerate agent

We are considerate and we won’t harass you with unwanted calls.

No more stress for you

Huge network

Luxury Hub has a high volume of transactions due to our network of investors, funds, landlords and local agents, who we are buying and selling on behalf.

Marketing your room


We offer you in depth analysis and advice on the properties available, including rental forecasts, investment value, sales comparables, and more.

Marketing your room


Our experts offer specialist knowledge on sectors and types of property for you to focus on. You can tap into our expertise and learn from our experienced property deal sourcing team.

Higher quality tenants

Debt forecast

We can help you forecast all costs, mortgage debt values, and repayments on those debts, to calculate a comprehensive net income from potential new properties.

Higher quality tenants

All types of property

We source all types of property, land with planning, HMO’s, single lets, serviced accommodation, below market value, flips, refurbishments, and more.

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Management service

We offer a full property management service as well as property deal sourcing. Luxury Hub can be as hands on as you desire, so you can enjoy a completely hassle free investment.

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Project management

Our experts offer a full build refurbishment service, so If the property we source has a development or build opportunity, we can project manage on your behalf.

Higher quality tenants

Maximise rental income

Luxury Hub can forecast the rent you can expect to achieve using different options. Our team are always honest and realistic with our numbers to give you an accurate picture.

Higher quality tenants

Higher returns

We offer investment properties at exceptional yields with our property deal sourcing. Up to 10% for completed rented income producing property and up to 15% for refurbishment and build property projects.

Marketing your room

Planning gains

Luxury Hub can title split divide land/property into smaller pieces to create value to increase yields. Our experts source sites such as industrial units and apply for planning sub divide these plots, for apartments or housing developments.

Marketing your room

Success only fee

If we do not source a property for you, the success fee is not payable and the fully refundable.

Higher quality tenants

North West specialist

We do not try to be a national specialist in property deal sourcing, but we have a true focus and understanding of the North West of England, including Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire.

Our Investment Property Buying Process

Step 1



Click ‘Register to Buy’ and specify your requirements complete an investment questionnaire, and pay the reservation service fee. if you are not happy after your on boarding call we will immediately refund your reservation service fee.

Register to buy currently active in Cheshire, Lancashire & Greater Manchester

Enquiry Form
On Boarding Call

Step 2


On Boarding Call

Complete your on boarding call to Identify your needs and we will explain how our investment model works, and what you can expect.

Step 3



We manage your search from our network of deals and projects available and landlords currently selling and we will source you an ideal investment property

Source Analysis
Approve The Deal

Step 4



We provide a full analysis including rental forecasts, investment value, sales comparables, and a forecast of net income expected. Our expert team will discuss all these options with you.

Step 5


Approve The Deal

You approve the deal, we help with all aspects, including taking care of the legal purchase details, the mortgage, and any refurbishment or property management if required.

Solicitors Included

Our Latest Offers

Less chance of void periods

Buy Investment Property

Book our investment property buying service today and get a £500 discount off your fees our services are transparent. We charge a minimum success fee of £2,000 or 1% of the purchase price this fee will be discounted by £500 if you book online today.

No more stress for you

Property Assessment Discount

Book a property assessment today and get a 50% discount on your fees – only £250, normally £500

No more stress for you

Refer and Earn

Refer a landlord to Luxury Hub and we will reward you with a £100 Amazon voucher when they sign up or we will donate £100 to our partner charity group, Brew Power, on your behalf

No more stress for you


(Coming Soon)

Luxury Hub sourced the perfect investment development property for me, and managed the project build and the refurbishment and property rental management

Fezan Sheikh, Beauchamp Knight Holdings Limited

Luxury Hub sourced the perfect buy to let investment property for me

Shaunak Rauniar, Rauniar Investments

Luxury Hub sourced have sourced investment property to our target yield an are now managing property they sourced for us.

Caelim Parkes

Luxury Hub

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check a 'sourcing agent' is compliant?

In the UK, there are many non-compliant property deal sourcing agents regularly sourcing deals to clients. Using a non-compliant agent could put you at significant financial loss with no comeback. A fully compliant sourcing agent must be insured for Professional Indemnity, registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for Data Protection, registered with a redress scheme such as The Property Ombudsman, and supervised by HMRC for Anti-Money Laundering. You’ll be pleased to know that Luxury Hub is fully compliant with all the above. Please don’t take unnecessary risks with non-compliant agents or individuals.

What is the property deal sourcing fee?

Most property deal sourcing fees are charged at around one to five thousand pounds depending upon particulars of the deal such as the location and value of the property, but also taken into consideration will be the property sourcer’s level of experience and the amount of work they’re putting into the property deal.

Our services are transparent, and we charge a minimum fee of £2,000 or 1% of the purchase price. Luxury Hub ensures our fees will never exceed the value we offer you in a deal. When we notify you of a property deal, we list the breakdown of the key costs, such as: purchase price, refurbishment estimate, stamp duty, other costs, including mortgage and income forecasts, based on your deposit, along with our fee, so that there are no hidden or unexpected charges at the end! The sourcing fee will be stated in your contract to purchase the property and we will add this to the Heads of Terms for your purchase for your solicitor to pay.

When is the property deal sourcing fee due?

The sourcing fee is paid in stages. Once you have received and reviewed a property deal notification, and you are in a position to commit, in order to exclusively secure the deal and lock competition out, you will need to make the first payment. This is 25% of the sourcing fee: £500.00.

The second payment is the 75% balance of the sourcing fee: £1500.00, due upon exchange of contracts.

Why do Luxury Hub charge an additional service / reservation fee?

We charge an additional service/ reservation fee of £250. We care about our clients and aim to provide the best possible service filled with honesty and transparency. Our service fee allows us to continue to work hard and carry out the property deal sourcing activities for our clients. We charge the fee to be sure
that your intentions to do business with us are true. Luxury Hub select one deal to present to you in every 50 deals we evaluate, so we put in lots of hard work, and that time has to be paid for. We put a lot of time and effort in sourcing properties including viewing every single one of them and evaluating its condition to ensure it is a good deal and avoid finding out about any major problems with it later on. If it is not a good deal, we move on.

Is the service / reservation fee refundable?

Yes, If after the on boarding call you feel the service is not for you, we will refund your service / reservation fee in full.

If we fail to find you a property within the agreed time period of your property deal sourcing agreement the service / reservation fee is fully refundable.

After the on boarding call, the service / reservation fee is non-refundable should you simply change your mind without reasonable justification, or you fail to exchange contracts. **

If you fail to exchange contracts within the time period specified your reservation fee will be non-refundable.

However, if the surveyor or solicitor finds a problem with the property prior to exchange of contracts, which could result in significantly increased costs over and above our estimates to make the deal prohibitive, then we will refund you the reservation fee in full if you must pull out of the deal.

Why do you arrange an onboarding call?

Luxury Hub always arrange an on boarding call after you have paid your reservation fee and completed your property questionnaire to discuss your plans over the phone first to check that our services are suitable for you. If after the on boarding call you feel the service is not for you, we will return your service/reservation fee in full.

Why do I need to show proof of funds to Luxury Hub?

We ask for proof of funds for our property deal sourcing services for 2 reasons:

  1. Luxury Hub wants to be sure you can purchase the property, and needs to ensure you have the funds available for the purchase deposit and any associated fees such as stamp duty and refurbishment.
  2. Luxury Hub is a fully compliant business, we are supervised under HMRC’s Anti-Money Laundering, therefore we are legally obliged to conduct Client Due-Diligence (CDD) in accordance with Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017. We work with the National Crime Agency (NCA) and part of our sourcing process requires Luxury Hub to gain evidence showing the source of our client’s funds intended for purchase. Our designated Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) will help you through this process if there are any concerns.
Are you able to get me a mortgage?

Luxury Hub are not mortgage brokers, but we do have several good suppliers in our network that we can introduce you to. As part of the property deal sourcing report, we will give you an indication of the mortgage terms for the value of the mortgage debt and repayment amount as part of the net income property analysis.

How quickly can you find a property?

Normally between 10-12 weeks, but our property deal sourcing agreement is for 150 days, due to the number of properties we have to look at in order to meet your specific requirements.

Can you manage the building refurbishment work on the property?

Yes, we offer a full service, and can make it as hands free for you as possible for a project management fee. This includes getting in the best quotes for you, managing contractors, collecting keys, holding keys, arranging cleaners, and more. From the time the keys are collected once purchased to the time the keys are handed over to our property management team at the end we will project manage, we work to a high standard as if it was one of our own properties. We will take photos along the way to show you progress too.