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Luxury Hub are expert property management agents delivering superior service and exceptional results for landlords.

We are brand that is trusted by Tenants
We take an average 6 days to rent your property
99.5% of out tenants pay on time
We take an average of 3 days from tenant move out to rent ready

We are property management agents with a proven track record working closely with our clients to deliver a first class service that is always transparent and great value for money. Our team take pride in ensuring that everything runs smoothly within your property.

As full members of TPO & NRLA, our clients can be assured that all matters will be undertaken in complete compliance with current legislation and industry best practices. We work with tried and tested policies, practices and procedures to deliver all aspects of your property management needs.

If you have any questions about our property management services, then please make an inquiry and a member of our team will be happy to assist you and give you the answers you need.

expert property management

Letting with us…

Higher quality tenants

Regular Cleaning and Checks

Luxury Hub conducts bi-weekly house cleans carried out by our expert team, and 3 yearly house checks to confirm the condition of your property.

Less chance of void periods

Higher quality tenants

We pride ourselves on choosing only the highest quality tenants for every Luxury Hub property.

No more stress for you

Property upgrade advice

To help you get the best tenants and rental income possible, we can assist you in upgrading your property and by providing expert advices.

No more stress for you

Less chance of turnover

We have a high demand for properties and a waitlist of professional tenants waiting to find their perfect home.

Marketing your room

Protecting your asset

As a property management company, we have experts who routinely inspect your property in order to address any issues before they become expensive. Unlike other property management agents, we take a proactive approach instead of waiting for tenants to report an issue.

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Rent paid on time

We prepare and send you a monthly report on your property. Our accounts team will collect the rent, pay the expenses, manage the invoices, and pay you the net income, within 7 working days of month end. Electronic report includes rent payments, costs tenant information, & maintenance requests.

Higher quality tenants

Maximise Income

Luxury Hub offers a Property Assessment Service to show you how to grow your income, and the rent you can expect to achieve using different options.

Higher quality tenants

No more stress

We are a small human size local team directly accessible without any intermediary. With Luxury Hub, you are sure to get a quick response and deal with familiar faces everytime.

Less chance of void periods

Personal service

At Luxury Hub we do not have 1000’s of properties. We go through an on boarding questionnaire to tailor our services to meet your requirements as your business is important to us.

No more stress for you

Transparent pricing

The administrative fees are the only fees we charge you. We do not hide any fees or charge any additional costs. You will always have access to every invoice and we operate with complete transparency.

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Higher returns

We aim to guarantee landlord satisfaction and it all begins with our 5-step property assessment analysis to get the highest return for your property.

Marketing your room

Expert Marketing

Professional photography & staging of your property, virtual tours for online viewing, dedicated Marketing Expert to list and market your property, listing to over 30 different sites.

Our Property Management Process

Step 1


On boarding meeting

Book a meeting with our specialists to discuss your requirements and the rent you can expect to achieve. We tailor our services to meet your requirements, so this is the stage where we really want to get to know you.

On boarding meeting
Sign Your Personalised Management Agreement

Step 2


Sign Your Personalised Management Agreement

After your on boarding meeting, we will make sure the property management agreement is tailored to meet your needs. At this stage, you will sign up for Luxury Hub as your property management agents.

Step 3


Property preparation and marketing

We will request all your property information to ensure it meets your legal obligations as a landlord, including the information you must provide to your tenants. Our team will make sure your property is presented in the best possible light and will ensure marketing of your property on our website, social media and all main property search portals.

Property preparation and marketing
Exchange Completion

Step 4


High quality professional tenants found

We make sure to vet and find the best professional tenants for your property, and we will be in charge of doing the viewings, contracts and referencing for you.

Step 5


Pounds in your pocket

We will ensure your first month’s rent is paid to you promptly. Our team will arrange a suitable move in date for you and your tenant in advance, and provide you with your tenants information.

Pounds in your pocket
Regular inspections of the property

Step 6


Regular inspections of the property

With our property management services, we will conduct regular visits to ensure that your property is kept in good condition and there are no issues for you to be aware of.

Our Latest Offers

Less chance of void periods

Free Property Assessment

Receive a free £500 property assessment report when you sign up for our property management service

No more stress for you

Property Management Discount

We are now offering a discount if you buy a property management contract online today.
Our fully managed service for single lets is priced at 12% and will be discounted to 8%
Our fully managed service for HMO’s is priced at 15% and will be discounted to 10%

No more stress for you

Refer and Earn

Refer a landlord to Luxury Hub and we will reward you with a £100 Amazon voucher when they sign up or we will donate £100 to our partner charity group, Brew Power, on your behalf

Luxury Hub have managed my properties for 3 years they have always ensured the property is rented for the best price and that all duties including, cleaning, repair, maintenance and overall property management have been taken care of

Chris Whiteside, Whiteside Investments

We have been extremely impressed with the service offered by Luxury Hub; they're very prompt and professional when dealing with us. I really wanted to emphasise how great you guys are without going OTT.

Wesley Cook, Happy Tenant

Luxury Hub rented my properties quickly and for a higher rent than expected, they managed all aspects of the property lettings and maintenance really well

Khamlesh Lakhani, Jayson’s Commercial Enterprise Ltd

Luxury Hub

Frequently Asked Questions

Why work with Luxury Hub?

Luxury Hub is a residential property management agent with offices in South Manchester. Our company has grown well since its inception in 2016 due to excellent local knowledge, unrivalled customer service, exceptionally competitive fees and a total commitment to integrity and transparency.

As your letting agent we are responsible for the day-to-day running of your property. Our duties include cleaning, repair, maintenance and overall property management services. As part of our appointment, we will ensure that your service charge is always used as efficiently as possible to cover the running cost of your property.

We tailor our service to your needs: you may want only tenant finder services, or you may want a full property management company.

If you appoint Luxury Hub, we are responsible for the overall property management and maintenance of your property. Our aim is to ensure that your property is always managed to the highest standard to protect the value of your asset.

How can I contact you will you communicate with us and over what matters?

We will agree on a point of contact, a payment threshold amount for maintenance, and create a personal decision making process map according to what you do and do not want us to report to you every month. This includes an Exemption Report, so we know what’s most important to you about your property.

How much is your Property Management fee? Are there any extra costs and How much does it cost to renew a tenancy?

Our fully managed property services are priced at 12% of rent for single lets and 15% for HMO’s. We also charge a set-up fee of 1 week’s rent for each tenant we place. We tailor our services to suit individual landlords needs, so if you need something different, we can help.Prices may vary depending on the services required and the number of properties instructed. Please contact us for a free valuation. We charge a nominal fee of £50 to renew a tenancy.

Each property has legal requirements to fulfil, such as gas certificates, EPCs and EICRs, and these will incur additional fees. In our Property Management Agreement we will include 3 annual visits to each property, and any extra visits requested will be charged.

How do you deal with maintenance issues? Do you charge any commissions on costs?

We do not add any commission to repairs needed during the tenancy. All invoices for repairs and maintenance are available for you. When you sign up to our Property Management services, we will take care of all of the maintenance issues for you. We will agree to a maximum amount we can spend before having to contact you. Our aim is not to bother landlords with minor issues, and instead we only reach out when absolutely necessary.

What is included in our Property Management Service?

As expert property management agents, Luxury Hub makes sure all property legislation is up to date. We also offer proactive income management, tenancy compliance monitoring, relationship management with tenants, and management of all essential utilities including electricity, water, gas, waste management, broadband/internet etc.

How do you choose utility providers for properties?

We always seek the best rates for utilities at our properties, and every year we research who will be the most cost effective Utility provider for your property.

Is the rent 100% guaranteed?

No, rent is not guaranteed as standard, but for extra security, we also offer an additional rent guarantee insurance service for an additional management fee.

How do we deal with non-rental or arrears payments?

Our dedicated accounts team is extremely diligent and professional, and we will contact any tenants failing to pay and organise arrears payments. With us as your property management company, you don’t have to deal with rent payments yourself. We have only had less than 1% of tenants not pay rent even during the COVID outbreak, which is an extremely low rate for any property management company.

How do we deal with nuisance tenants?

Our property managers have experience dealing with various tenant issues, with the support of a legal service team. We use this experience and will contact the tenant to work out the situation.

If need be, we will implement legal processes in place without the need to worry you. However, we will keep you informed as and when necessary.


I want to self-manage but I need help finding new tenants for my property ?

Should you wish to self-manage your property but require assistance in sourcing an ideal tenant, we offer a Tenant Finder service to help with this. This service is perfect for landlords who wish to oversee the ongoing management of the property and collect the rent themselves.