• Luxury Hub works with High Net Worth investors looking for a long-term return on investment on their property. We have high yielding property investments in London and Manchester. We can offer you a fully refurbished and rented property offering yields in excess of 10% on the total property price, before loans are taken into account.
  • We can increase your yield return on investment using a commercial mortgage and even introduce you to one of our commercial banks or a specialist mortgage broker at no cost. We can also help with advice and specialist tax advice to reduce tax costs.
  • We also offer higher returns in the form of joint ventures and manage the entire process from property selection through to refurbishment and guarantee future returns, allowing for a passive and peace of mind investment.
  • If you have minimum of £200k to invest and would like to explore the opportunity of becoming a Luxury Hub Investment Partner, do contact our Manchester Office on 0161 714 4211 to discuss further, or fill out the enquiries form.