Luxury Hub offers a brand new property management concept for property owners. If you are the owner of a two, three, four, five or six bed property looking for the smartest long term rental option then you are just who we are looking for. Luxury Hub only selects the best properties and responsible landlords for our portfolio. Those successful landlords will benefit from a higher net monthly rental, full property management, zero voids and minimal furnishing costs. You will also get to help the next generation of successful professionals have a high quality place to call home.

  1. 1. Guaranteed rental return
  2. 2. Guaranteed to be kept to a high standard
  3. 3. Full free service property management & maintenance guarantee
  4. 4. HMO licensing
  5. 5. Mortgage friendly leases
  6. 6. Happy Landlord testimonials


1. Guaranteed rental return

We are your tenant so regardless of whether there are any empty rooms, we pick up the

liability and you’ll still receive your full rental amount every month on time every time.

There are no voids for you, only a monthly payment throughout the lease, which means you will have no

collection issues whatsoever. We offer a company guarantee, or indemnity or insurance.

We carry out detailed credit, employer and previous landlord checks on our residents

who are rigorously screened. Our clients are corporate professionals, whose income

must be at least 3 times monthly rent.

2. Guaranteed to be kept to a high standard

Your house becomes a Luxury Hub property and we want to refurbish and maintain your

house to the Luxury Hub standard. We want our photos of the rooms advertised to be a

true representation of the houses and we will use professional photographers to build a

brochure of your property. We have sophisticated technology behind us allowing us to

successfully and seamlessly manage the properties.

3.Full Free Service Property Management & Maintenance Guarantee

We have a highly qualified property services team who will look after your house during

the contract. We clean our properties professionally to maintain the condition weekly or

bi-weekly. We conduct property inspections at regular intervals and can send you photos

after each inspection so you can sleep easy knowing your house is being kept as you

would expect. Any minor maintenance is carried out by ourselves at our cost as we have

a standard to maintain for our residents.


4. HMO licensing

No HMO? No problem. We have built up relationships with all the councils we have

houses in and we know what we need to put in place to secure an HMO license for your

house if it needs it. We’ll work with you to make these changes and in some instances

we may cover the cost of any changes that need to be done and the licensing fee.

5. Mortgage friendly Leases

Signing long term agreements can be tricky with certain banks. We can help advise you

with this and even introduce you to our specialist mortgage broker who will charge you

zero fees. Just ask, we can help.

6. Happy Landlord testimonials

We think our references speak for themselves, and have references available on





We pay a landlord sourcing fee of up to £500 per year for the length of the agreement.

Do you have someone in mind who has a house you think might be perfect for Luxury

Hub? Contact us to find out how you can refer them to us.

We are very selective in the houses and landlords that we work with. If you are a

landlord and would like a long term reliable tenant with no agency

fees and free property management or know a landlord who does, please contact our

London office on 0208 798 0122 & our Manchester office on 0800 612 5172.


Step 1 – Meeting the Landlord

We set up a meeting with you to discuss your options to move forward.

Step 2 – Property Evaluation

We evaluate the property and take a few measurements;

this shouldn’t take more than an hour.

Step 3 – Agree Terms

Once we’ve got back to the office and crunched numbers and had a quick coffee,

we’ll send you a proposal in order for us to agree terms.


Step 4 – Interior Design Phase

Once we’ve agreed the terms, we commence the refurbishment of your property (where necessary)

including a few interior design features. Do take a look at the images of some of our existing portfolio.

Step 5 – Clients Move In

After the interior design phase is completed, clients move in and we start paying the rent.

Tenant testimonial below

– ‘The property allows me to get on with my life, if anything isn’t working they get it fixed very fast’ Sam Groves (Tenant Manchester)